Our History

In 1867, the new Presbyterian Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, built by the architect Frederic Lawford, was inaugurated. It stood in all its glory on Dorchester Blvd. (now René-Lévesque) at the corner of rue Sainte-Monique. Considered the most beautiful neo-gothic church in the city, it crowned the career of Frederick Lawford, who died before the end of construction.

In 1931, the Church was expropriated to make way for the construction of a train station. It was saved from destruction by the Pères de Sainte-Croix, who bought it for the symbolic amount of $1.00. In sixty days, the church was taken apart stone by stone and moved to the grounds of the Collège Saint-Laurent. There it was rebuilt as an almost exact replica of the original by the architect, Lucien Parent, to ready it for its new vocation as a Catholic chapel. Among the changes, an organ tribune, confessionals, a cross path and new stained glass windows were installed. One storey was also added to accommodate the Sale Emile-Legault, a concert hall and theatre for the renowned Compagnons de Saint-Laurent. However, it was to be transformed once again under the stewardship of Gérard Lavallée when it no longer served as a chapel after the deconfessionalization of the school system. It subsequently reopened its doors in 1979.

The Museum’s impressive collection of more than 10 000 objects relating to traditional arts and crafts has given the building a new orientation. In the Fall of 2002, the Museum was also given a new look. The Marc Julien architectural firm redesigned the interior layout and brought out its original beauty while raising it to the standards required for a museum. Meanwhile, a new permanent exhibition called From Masters’s Hands opened in March 2003.

Our mission

The mission of the Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum is to highlight the ingenuity and creativity of the creators and artisans of the handmade object made in Quebec, in its traditional and contemporary form. The Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum collects the works of craftspeople from all periods (past and present) chosen from the continuum that goes from the production of domestic craft items to works made by master craftspeople, as well as unique functional objects or objects from small series.

Our new structure

The Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum is expanding and has recently built a new reserves. It has been built under the Boisé Library, cultural center where we can also find the Lethbridge exhibition center, which is now managed by the Museum.

To learn more about our new reserves Click Here.


Pierre WilsonDirector

Human resources
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Manon DubéAdministrative Assistant

Human resources
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Christine GareauChief technician and exhibition manager

Preventive conservation
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Isolda GavidiaCurator - Off Duty - Replaced by Élisabeth Meunier

Acquisitions and donations
Loans between institutions
Collections Management
Archives and documentation
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Élisabeth MeunierCurator - Replacement of Isolda Gavidia

Acquisitions and donations
Loans between institutions
Collections Management
Archives and documentation
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Fanny LuquetCommunications officer

Social Networks
Press relation
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Marina SmythMuseum Assistant

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Mireille Bélanger Reception Greeter and manager of the shop and members

Front desk
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Stéphanie Lampron de SouzaAnimator

Vincent CantinIntern in cultural mediation

Project Manager for Spring Break
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Normand BagleyMaintenance technician

Lethbridge Exhibition Center Team

Margaux DelmasCo-Coordinator

Cultural mediation
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Catherine Côté-CyrCo-Coordinator

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Valérie Hénault et Alice CharbonneauReception and mediation

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CA Member

Louise Lemieux-BérubéPresident

Céline Le MerlusVice President

François BeauvaisTreasurer

Mathieu CormierAdministrator

General manager,
Cégep de Saint-Laurent

Michèle D. BironAdministrator

City Councilor,
Borough Saint-Laurent

Richard DubéAdministrator

Gaétan BerthiaumeAdministrator

Jacques G. RuellandAdministrator

Louis-Georges L’ÉcuyerAdministrator

Anite De CarvalhoAdministrator

Joseph AndréAdministrator

Our Prizes

  • Prix d’excellence en conservation de l’Association des musées canadiens 2015 for the construction of the new reserves
  • Prix d’excellence de la Société des musées québécois 2014 for the construction of the new reserves
  • Prix d’excellence 2006 de la Société des musées québécois.
  • Member of the Ordre des Grands Laurentiens 2006 – Family Award from the borough of Saint-Laurent.
  • Honourable mention for the Museums and Schools Partnership Award 2005 from the Canadian College of Teachers, Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian Museums Association.

The Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec with the Programme de soutien à l’école Montréalaise (PSEM) of the Quebec Education Ministry were awarded the Prix d’excellence 2006 de la Société des musées québécois, for La splendeur de l’écriture à Montréal, capitale mondiale du livre, a school – museum joint program which included the works of 200 children, 8 schools, 8 teachers, 6 librairies, 4 artists, one writer… and one museum.

The museum would like to thank André Bourassa of the PSEM, main conceptor of the project and Lisa Miniaci, the project manager.