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As of now and until September 14th 2018, access to the Museum and to the family workshops is free due to the redevelopment work on the permanent exhibition! We look forward to seeing you there.

Ceramic sculpture by France Goneau

July 12 to September 2, 2018

The opening is free and open to all on Thursday, July 12 at 6 p.m.

The Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec is pleased to present the exhibition Queens Ceramic sculpture by France Goneau.

The exhibition, Queens Ceramic sculpture by France Goneau, testifies to an intimate awareness of the feminine cosmetic but also domestic space, as well as a fascination for the ornamentation complicit in this identification. France Goneau explores this narrative potential to define, tell, symbolize, mystify and crystallize an indeterminate universe between dream, artifice, and reality. Through seductive, unclassifiable and sometimes disturbing ornamental instruments, the artist draws from a territory that is both familiar and elusive to treat feminine identity, the female body, and beauty as well as the constraints associated with them. Carefully made of porcelain and metal, this new series of ceramic sculptures is declined in a serenade of ornaments whispering their secrets on the infinite perspectives of the unfathomable rose of femininity.

In residence at the famous Studio du Québec in New York from January to June 2018, France Goneau began a research on the universal need for embellishment by directing her reflection on the impact on women’s lives, while addressing the notion of beauty, body transformation, and female identity. Her body ornaments propose instruments exposing cultural modalities of beauty and femininity, where control, identity expression and social convention are transformed into gentle torments. Working on this series of new sculptures in a vast studio in New York City, the title is as much a nod to the chance encounters between the Studio located on Manhattan and the studio in Queens, as to the standards of perfection and feminine seduction.

Biography of the artist France Goneau: Graduate of the École de design de l’UQAM, with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and ceramics, France Goneau began producing ceramic tiles and murals in 2001. In 2010, she directed her practice towards ceramic sculpture; the recognition of the originality, as well as the rigour of her work, quickly gave her an international reputation. After Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee, it is Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo which present its ceramics. Passionate about the creative process, France Goneau founded the grey matter workshops with architect Jean Verville and imagined new training courses to develop creativity in the professional environment.

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The artist thanks the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Délégation générale du Québec à New York and Sculpture Space NYC.