Project Description

Transition by Expressions and Creation Space

June 21 to July 22, 2018

Founded in 2006, Espace d’Expressions et de Création is a non-profit organization whose mission is to put diversity in the spotlight in all its senses, promote art and foster a greater influence of art.

For the exhibition Transition. curator general Joseph André and co-curator Alla Zagorodniuc-Scoarta will propose a corpus of works of painting, acrylics, and oils, as well as works on paper, photography, pastel, drawing, prints, and watercolor.

Among others figurative and non figurative acrylic works by artists Aberki Khadouj, Alexandra Rabota, Alla Zagorodniuc-Scoarta, Angel Cruz, Anthony Benoit, Christiane Marie Edom, Diana Hourani Zeineddine, Diane Savoie, Eneida Hernandez, Frantz Louis, Gader Eskander, Gerda Crepsac, Guillermo Flores-Veramendi, Hélène Marie Corbeil, Jacques Pharand, Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein, Joseph André,  Louis Santelli, Marie-Lucienne Marcelin, Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Olena Kulik-Polonska, Rosalba Agostini, Roxanna Kibsey, Stanley Février, Zeina Haddad and the poet Yves Alavo.