The Levant

May 4 to 27, 2018

The Le Levant group of artists and the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec present, from May 4 to 27, 2018, works created by artists related to the theme “Reflection, refraction”.

“This year, it is in the image of the luminous rays which converge in a point, thus creating a very enlightened isolated space, that the works of the artists of the Levant want to be. It is the ability that the thought has to look back on itself in order to examine an idea or a question that places the human being in front of himself and the world around him. It is only after a deep reflection that the human being can speak of a clear idea or can sketch, imagine a true image. With each new awareness, the individual finds himself in an era of change. Reflection illuminates the unknown and reaches what seems elusive, and it is then that a real transformation takes place. This year we want art to be a reflection, a sincere and loyal projection of an evolution of the consciousness of oneself or of the world. Collectif le Levant

Most artists in this group are first or second generation immigrants. In this immigration process, the question of identity and selfreflection arises even more than for someone who remains: reflection in the eyes of others, reflection in his own eyes, look at a new society. Reality is transformed and twisted like light that passes through two transparent environments. Refraction then brings a new vision, a new inspiration. And we must all take advantage of these impulses not only to broaden our horizons and our understanding of the world, but also to grow as persons by opening our hearts to all that is different, to all those who may be from elsewhere (and here) but who share with us the same belonging to humanity.