Francesc Peich : la joaillerie du temps

De l’horlogerie classique à la joaillerie contemporaine

Exhibition from March 20 to April 28, 2019
Opening: Thursday, March 28 at 6 p.m.

A renowned jeweller and watchmaker artist, Francesc Peich transports us back in time thanks to his profession as a watchmaker, which he has practised for 25 years, but also thanks to the jewellery he has learned on his own. Come and discover its collections “La Mer”, “Transparence” and “Ressac”, the latter of which recalls the effects of climate change on the Far North.

In this exhibition, a common thread emerges between the themes Francesc Peich explores, that of the marine world, that of transparency and fractal forms, and that of nature’s reaction to the attacks that humans impose on the environment: the beauty of the world is close to his heart.

Her work is part of a crossbreeding between the European watchmaking tradition, Mediterranean inspiration and creative freedom that mark North American jewellery. This exhibition retraces his entire artistic career.

About the artist
Francesc Peich was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1954. Scattered elements have shaped his artistic approach: first a childhood surrounded by watchmaking mechanisms, in the family workshop with a father and a grandfather watchmakers, studies in watchmaking in Barcelona and Switzerland, then the resumption of family practice.

It was in Montreal, where he settled in 1984, that he experimented on his own with jewellery and its possibilities of artistic expression. A few years later, he combined these two skills with jewellery watches.

Production: Anick St-Louis
Music: Erik West Millette