The visit Inquisitive Hands explores the life of objects from the past, from their creation to their arrival at the museum. To begin the visit, Frédéric Back’s animated film Crac! captures the children’s imagination. They discover the history of an old rocking chair called Crac and they go search for it in the museum. Using pictures from the film, children will understand how people in the past made objects by hand and lived differently from today.

Duration & Cost

2 hours
1 hour visit + 1 hour workshop

$ 5.75/student
Free for chaperones


Age groups: Daycare, Kindergarten and Elementary 1st cycle

Capacity: Maximum 60 students

Lunch: Tables are available for dinner or, if weather permitting, there is a grassed area in front of the museum.

Enquiries & Booking

Mireille Lacombe
514 747-7367, ext. 7203
Online booking

Workshops of your Choice

Crac Chair

Crac Chair

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