L’Enclume: Electronic Magazine of the MMAQ

L’Enclume is an electronic publication of the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, which is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the craft traditions of yesterday’s masters and today’s craft artists through reflections, analyses, columns and articles. This magazine is not a specialized magazine intended for professionals but an open door to all those interested in the life of the museum. The Anvil is available free of charge. (In French)

Available Issues

L’Enclume 13 (August 2018)
L’Enclume 12 (February 2018)
L’Enclume 11 (July 2017)
L’Enclume 10 (July 2015)
L’Enclume 9  (February 2015)
L’Enclume 8 (July 2014)
L’Enclume 7 (2013)
L’Enclume 6 (2013)
L’Enclume 5 (2012)
L’Enclume 4 (2012)
L’Enclume 3 (2012)
L’Enclume 2 (2011)
L’Enclume 1 (2011)

Les Chroniques du Musée

Monthly Radio Broadcasts

The Museum now has its own monthly radio program “Les Chroniques du Musée” broadcast on “La voix de St-Lo” at 90.7 FM. (In French)

December 2018 | Guest Mr. Yanick Turcotte, historian

November 2018 | Guest Mrs. Loubna Regragui, Community Coordinator and Intervener at CARI St-Laurent

October 2018 | Guest Mrs. Élisabeth Meunier, Acting Curator at the MMAQ

September 2018 | Guest Mrs. Najat El-Taji El-Khairy, Curator

July 2018

May 2018 | Guest Mr. Gilles Brethioux, Compagnon

Exclusive Radio Broadcasts

The Museum also has exclusive interviews with Jean Baptiste Henry, communications manager at the Bon Courage Community Centre and host of “La voix de St-Lo”. (In French)

September 2018 | Guest Mrs. Perrette Subtil, Director of the MMAQ

April 2018 | Guest Mr. Pierre Wilson, Former Director of the MMAQ

Special Files

Exclusive interviews with various craftsmen and artists. (In French)
Interview with Claudine Ascher Exhibition”Histoires intérieures”
Interview with France Fauteux
Exhibition “Aventure Bleu”
Interview with Matthieu Cheminée Exhibition « Bouger le Métal »