Project Description

Joseph-Célestin Carrier was born July 14, 1831 in Saint-Jeoire (Haute-Savoie), France. At the age of 23, he left France for the United States. At this moment, he decided to join the religious community, the Congregation of Saint-Croix, established at Notre Dame du Lac, in Indiana; today, the University of Notre Dame. In 1877, Father Carrier traversed Canada and settled in Quebec. He then taught at the Collège de Saint-Laurent where he founded the Musée du Collège de Saint-Laurent. Over the years, Father Carrier acquired objects that came from Europe, the United States, and all over Quebec.  In this way, he collected over 80,000 specimens and objects which he observed, studied, labelled, and classified according to the 25 types of collections of nature encyclopaedias the museum owned.  Upon the death of Father Carrier, in order to pay him tribute, the Musée du Collège de Saint-Laurent proudly changed its name: le Musée Carrier.  Unfortunately, it had to close its doors in 1948.  This museum is recognized as one of the most important natural science museums in Canada.  From this gigantic initial collection, 500 objects survived ad can be found today in our collection.