Project Description


Know-How aims to show the richness of the heritage and the relevance of these professions for the understanding of our history and identity, while illustrating the challenges of preserving and transmitting this intangible knowledge.

Available at the Museum’s terminals, but also available on the Internet, the content aims to increase the digital presence of Quebec’s heritage by creating a permanent record of this knowledge, which is sometimes in danger of disappearing.

We can see at work: Adrien Bobin, stonecutter; Mathieu Collette, blacksmith; Hélène Blouin, handweaver; Clodet Beauparlant, basket weaver; Daniel Pelletier, watchmaker; Daniel St-Pierre, sailboat maker; Pascal Plamondon, cooper and Guy Bel, ironworker of art.

By discovering these contemporary craftsmen who have chosen to exercise creative manual trades, sometimes in danger of disappearing, the visitor will have privileged access to people who, often against all odds, keep our craft traditions alive. They will also be able to rediscover knowledge that they may have thought was lost and reconsider the importance and role of craftspeople and their intangible knowledge in building our society.

Thanks to Québecor‘s generous donation, the works created by the artisans as part of this project have been acquired by the Museum and will be presented during the opening night.

The Know-How project is an initiative of the content agency Toast Studio, which won the Mnémo Prize in Cultural Heritage for the first iteration of their project in 2013. The rest of the project was made possible thanks to a grant from the Plan culturel numérique du Québec.

About Toast Studio

Toast Studio is a branded content agency and television production company. For more than 15 years, the agency has been working with content creators and producers as well as brand owners. It maximizes the value of their entertainment properties and products by preparing them for extensions on a multitude of platforms.

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Intangible Heritage at Hand

Three terminals are available at all times at the Museum to view the Know-How videos. You will also find photos, short questionnaires and interesting facts to know.

You can also watch the videos on the Museum’s YouTube channel.