Project Description

Pellan & Shakespeare: Twelfth Night in Five Acts.

Presented at the Centre d’exposition Lethbridge from April 8 to June 4, 2017, the Pellan & Shakespeare: Twelfth Night in Five Acts exhibit is available to loan. For more information about the traveling exhibition, click here

This new exhibition takes visitors to the stage of the French version of William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, which was first staged in 1946, by the Compagnons de Saint-Laurent, and then in 1968, by the TNM. Both times, the settings were entrusted to painter Alfred Pellan (1906-1988), who designed them and produced the decor, props and costumes.

The five acts of this famous play inspired splendid costumes and screen prints created by this painter, as presented by this exhibition, in addition to numerous archive photos, including several that are on display for the first time ever. While following the tale of the play related by students in the theatre programs of Cégep de Saint-Laurent and Dawson College, visitors are invited to delve into Shakespeare’s imaginary world, as illustrated by Pellan.


Act 1 scene 2 and 4

Act 2 scene 3

Act 3 scene 1

Act 3 scene 2 and Act 4 scene 1

Acte 5 scene 1

The extracts from the play Twelfth Night were recorded by graduates from the Professional Theater Program at Dawson College and their teachers, Stephane Zarov and W. Steven Lecky. Direction and musical composition: W. Steven Lecky. Casting: Viola: Kayla Henry, Captain: Jeremy Cabrera, Count Orsino: W. Steven Lecky, Maria: Sarah Trottier, Sir Toby Belch: Jeremy Cabrera, Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Anthony Wilson, Fabian: Sarah Trottier, Feste the clown: W. Steven Lecky, Olivia: Sarah Trottier, Sebastian: Anthony Wilson, Priest: Anthony Wilson.

The bilingual catalogue Twelfth Night in Five Acts will be available at the exhibition. Published for this event, the catalogue compiles, for the very first time, all the costumes in the 1946 play forming part of the MMAQ collection as well as those of 1968 from the TNM’s archives and placed in the hands of the MMAQ in 2005.

This project is made possible in part by the Government of Canada.


Picture: Costumes of Olivia and Sébastien (details), 1968. Collection: Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM 10.1 and TNM 14.1-5)