Project Description

Master & Artisan

In March 2003, the Museum’s permanent exhibition entitled “Mains de maîtres” was launched. After almost 15 years, in May 2017, the project to renew the permanent exhibition began. The objective of this project is to increase the adequacy between what we collect and what is presented in permanent display, to contribute to the promotion of past and present know-how and crafts, to participate in the study and promotion of Quebec material culture, past and present, and to increase awareness and recognition of the vitality of the museum among craftspeople and the general population and its reputation as the only Quebec museum whose primary mission is precisely related to hand-made objects in Quebec.

However, there are still more than 120 objects made by craftsmen, including furniture, forged objects and the textiles section. These objects are chosen according to their aesthetic quality, but also their place in the particular evolution of an art or craftsman, and their role as symbolic, artistic or more simply utilitarian objects. These are grouped by trade in such a way as to explain the use of the object or work on the one hand and to make the craftsman and his techniques known on the other. This is a unique opportunity to reconnect with a part of French-Canadian culture and rediscover the crafts and arts practiced by Quebec masters and craftspeople. Fred Pellerin’s engaging stories, offered through an audioguide, add an engaging dimension to the Museum’s visit. They restore the objects to their daily use, awaken emotions and put into perspective the tranquil power of time.

The project to renew the permanent exhibition is progressing and we will keep you informed on the website and those of our partners, but also on our social networks.

“This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec”.