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Permanent Collection


In 1962, Gérard Lavallée (died in 2018), an art and art history professor at the Collège de Saint-Laurent, founded the gallery Nova et Vetera (“Modern and Ancient Realities”).  He is concerned with the edification and preservation of Quebecker cultural heritage, as well as the fear of American or Ontarian collectors appropriating this heritage.  The gallery […]

Jean-Marie Gauvreau Collection


Jean-Marie Gauvreau, the first Canadian to graduate from the famous École Boulle in Paris, was given the task of organizing a cabinet-making course at the École technique de Montréal in 1930. What he discovers in Quebec disappoints him.  What happened to the know-how of long ago?
At the instigation of Gauvreau, the École technique de Montréal […]

Carrier Collection – Former Musée du Collège de Saint-Laurent


Joseph-Célestin Carrier was born July 14, 1831 in Saint-Jeoire (Haute-Savoie), France. At the age of 23, he left France for the United States. At this moment, he decided to join the religious community, the Congregation of Saint-Croix, established at Notre Dame du Lac, in Indiana; today, the University of Notre Dame. In 1877, Father Carrier […]



In March 2017, the Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum completed a major digitization project. These 348 objects eloquently illustrate the practice of ceramics, textiles and glass in Quebec from 1930 to the present day. This project is part of a larger effort to ensure the dissemination of our contemporary collections through our national databases, namely Répertoire du […]

The Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum is expanding!

The Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum is expanding!
In 2010, thanks to a 3.55 million dollar contribution from Quebec’s Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, the Quebec’s Masters and Artisans Museum was able to begin construction of its brand new reserves in the Saint-Laurent borough.
With this project the museum sought to create a […]